Twelve of The World’s Best E-Bike Manufacturers

The demand for electric bicycles is growing, even among die-hard traditional cyclists, so who in the world supplies this demand?

Here are a dozen top American and European e-bike manufacturers:

  • B’twin:

French retailer, Decathlon, has some great-value electric bikes in its own B-twin collection, including the “Elops” range for casual rides in and around town.

  • Coboc:

one of the more stylish offerings anywhere on the e-bike market is the impossibly cool-looking “One Soho” model from Coboc.

  • Gazelle:

Dutch company, Gazelle, certainly knows a thing or two about cycling, having been in the bike industry since 1892. Its stylish range of e-bikes is available in Europe and the US.

  • Giant:

well known for its great-value traditional bikes, Giant also makes various styles of e-bike, including everyday town bikes, mountain bikes and drop-handlebar road bikes.

  • Gtech:

originally a manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, UK company, Gtech, has expanded into the world of electric bicycles and offers some stylish-looking machines at attractive prices.

  • KTM Bikes:

over 50 years of Austrian bike-making experience have gone into a huge KTM range of e-bikes, including a top-of-the-range “Egnition” model.

  • Phasor Cycles:

a new US company making electric bicycles from the ground up, Phasor’s bikes have a distinctive look with a battery that is stored sleekly within the frame.

  • Raleigh:

who better to make the switch to electric bicycles than one of the world’s best-known bike brands? British manufacturer, Raleigh, offers models at various price points.

  • Ridgeback:

UK company, Ridgeback, has been making bikes for 30 years and offers a selection of electric bicycles for either riding about town or heading off-road.

  • Specialized:

a big name in the pro cycling world, Specialized offers a range of “Turbo Bikes” for use on roads or trails.

  • Trek:

a hugely respected name in pro cycling is Trek. which offers a superb “Powerfly” range of mountain e-bikes.

  • Volt:

a wide range of electric bikes is offered by specialist UK company, Volt. All types of cycling are catered for, from jaunts into town to fat-tire off-road adventures.