Electric Drop-Handlebar Road Bikes

You wouldn’t be popular if you used it to take Strava KOMs, but there’s no doubting that riding a sporty electric road bike with drop handlebars is an exhilarating experience. If you’re a fit cyclist, it’s not going to help you go faster on flat roads, because the motor usually cuts out at a modest speed to comply with the law (25 km/h in the EU and 20 mph in the US). However, riding over hills or mountains, your ride will get quicker.

Cycling Into Old Age: How E-Bikes Help

Cyclists, like footballers, have a shelf life. After a certain age—usually about 40—it becomes impossible to ride a bike with quite the same intensity and strength as you once could. Suddenly, those hills that you once blasted up become a bit of a struggle. These rules apply to everyone, from elite athletes to ordinary folk that just like to ride a bike.