Locking Up Your E-Bike

It’s a sad fact that, if you leave a bicycle unattended and unlocked for a few minutes, chances are that some opportunistic thief will pedal away on your machine and sell it on to a crooked vendor or dodgy customer base. Even if you take the trouble to lock your bike, it still may be stolen if you use a feeble lock or don’t lock it carefully enough. How many times have you seen a single wheel locked to a railing? There is value in bike parts as well as whole bikes.

With electric bicycles costing more than the average bike—often upwards of 1,000 pounds, dollars or euros—the last thing you want to do is take a gamble on its security. If you do like to gamble, you’re better off doing it speculatively at all british casino, where at least you have a fair chance of walking away a winner. Since that’s an online site, nobody will nip off with your bike, pick your pockets or overcharge you for drinks.

If you have your e-bike insured, you’ll need to take care with the bike’s security to avoid nullifying an insurance claim. Bearing these things in mind, here are a few ways you can avoid getting an e-bike or other expensive bicycle stolen:

  • Avoid parking your bike in areas or neighborhoods with a bad reputation, even if it means you must walk farther
  • Don’t leave your bike in dark areas: thieves and vandals love the natural cover of darkness
  • Lock your bike to something solid, unbreakable and not easily movable
  • Be sure to lock your battery securely to the bike; this is usually the most valuable component of an e-bike
  • Vary your routine; accomplished thieves are observant and will go to great lengths to plan a theft if the item is valuable enough
  • Buy a high-quality U-lock, which should be enough to protect your bike against all but the most well-equipped of thieves
  • Use multiple locks if possible to make theft more time consuming, which is always a deterrent