Five of The Best Off-Road Electric Bicycles

Several leading manufacturers with years of experience in making top-quality traditional bikes now offer great e-bikes, too. There are also newer brands bringing fresh designs to the market. In this article, you’ll discover 5 of the best electric mountain bikes money can buy.

Trek Powerfly

The Trek Powerfly range includes hardtail and full suspension (FS) e-MTB bikes for different kinds of riding. A women’s model is available with female-specific saddle, bars and grips. Bosch pedal-assist technology gives you that extra power when you need it most, turning steep inclines into minor obstacles, and the Bosch motor supports speeds of up to 20 MPH (15.5 MPH in the EU).

Specialized Turbo Levo

Available in full suspension and hardtail models for different types of trail, the spectacular Specialized Turbo Levo looks great and rides superbly. Turbo technology delivers 250 watts of nominal power and up to 530 watts of peak power to make climbing easy.

Focus Jarifa

Focus offers the excellent Jarifa range of e-MTB bikes, including the award-winning Jarifa Fat Pro, a hardtail model for those that appreciate pedalling efficiency, great handling and comfort. The wonderfully stylish Jarifa i29 discreetly hides its high-capacity 612 Wh battery in the down tube.

Cannondale Moterra

Moterra e-MTB bikes certainly have a motorised look about them and are designed to deliver superb handling as well as that all-important power boost. Cannondale has even managed to make space for a bottle cage above the 250W Bosch Performance motor.

Haibike Nduro

Haibike is a German e-Bike specialist with a leaning towards MTB models. As you’d expect, manufacturing is superb. The Nduro is an extreme off-road model offering sporty geometry and excellent handling over any ground. With each battery charge, you’ll enjoy up to 140 miles of power-assisted cycling, subject to variables such as terrain, weather, rider weight, etc.