Buying Tires for Your E-Bike

Tires are an important consideration in e-bikes, not least because the likelihood of a puncture is increased by extra weight and mileage. Safety, comfort and performance are other reasons to choose tires carefully.

When riding an electric bike with a hub motor at the rear, you’ll really want to pay attention to tires, since removing and reinstalling the wheel to fix a puncture is often near impossible. If you must gamble on wheels, you’ll have much more fun at without running the risk of being stranded. Instead of walking miles to the nearest town, you might just walk away a winner.

Although there are plenty of preexisting tires that suit electric bikes, top tire manufacturers now make dedicated e-bike tires. You’ll discover one or two of those tires in a moment, but first, what should you look for in a tire?


For safe riding on wet roads and for confident cornering, the grip of a tire is of vital importance. The composition and tread of a tire decide the quality of its grip. Road tires have a relatively smooth tread for minimal rolling resistance, but still vary significantly in grip. Mountain bike tires usually have prominent treads for added traction over a variety of rough terrains.


The wider a tire is, the softer the ride will be. In other words, you’ll feel less of the road or whatever surface you’re riding on. Aside from offering greater comfort, a wider tire helps reduce fatigue in the rider, since less shock is absorbed by the body. Go for the widest tire your bike can handle.


The thickness of a tire has a direct bearing on how resistant it is to punctures. Some tires have a special protective belt running through their center, giving extra protection where it’s needed most.

Dedicated E-Bike Tires

Among the tires being aimed specifically at e-bikes are the Schwalbe “Energizer” and Vittoria “Revolution”. Note that a faster “speed e-bike” or “speed pedelec” (with an assisted speed of up to 50 km/h) must legally use tires that are certified to standard ECE-R75 in Europe.