About Us

On this website, you’ll find anything and everything about modern electric bikes. Perhaps you haven’t ridden a bike for a while and are looking for a fun way to start again? Or maybe you have asthma or a permanent injury and would like a bike that helps you fight hills and headwinds? Electric bikes are for everyone, from those looking to become more active to athletic types who just love riding.

Aside from fitness, there are many other benefits to riding an electric bike, or e-bike. Unlike other modes of transport, you don’t need a license or insurance to ride one in most parts of the world. They’re great for commuting, too, allowing you to arrive at work feeling a little fresher than if you’d churned the pedals unassisted the whole way.

With an e-bike, you can ride on community cycle paths and enjoy the freedom of being away from mainstream traffic. You might already be into cycling and would like to encourage a partner, relative or friend to join you on rides? Electric bikes take the hard work out of cycling, so the rider can just sit up and enjoy an exhilarating experience.

An electric bike is not as environmentally friendly as a fully mechanical bike, but it is a clean mode of transport compared to mopeds and motorbikes, since no fumes are emitted. There are drawbacks and hazards associated with electric bikes, which will be discussed elsewhere. For now, imagine that perfect blend of human and motorized power.